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What We Do

Purpose or mission of EACPF

To raise funds and distribute donations to selected charitable projects and organizations administered by sponsors or project managers in East Africa for the benefit of poor , sick, orphaned and other needy individuals.

EACPF requires

All projects seeking support complete an application describing the purpose of their particular project; how any donations received would be used; the project has to be a charitable, humanitarian or pro-life projects. Every project that we accept must agree writing that no funds will be used for any use or activity that is contrary to Catholic moral teaching, such a contraception, abortion and euthanasia. A catholic priest must sign the application and be responsible for the prudent use of funds in accordance with the agreement and report exactly how funds were spent or allocated within 6 months of receipt.

Therefore, projects may include such activities as:

  1. Providing living essentials, clothing, soap, blankets, etc. for orphans and other poor people
  2. Projects to support orphans at are self-sustaining, like the raising of goats and cows or the growing of crops, like coffee and bananas;
  3. Educational projects, like technical or vocational schools so that adults can start small businesses or learn a trade in order to support themselves.
  4. A pro-life project might be an organization that counsels men and women on making pro-life choices like: abstaining from marital relations before marriage; being faithful to your spouse during marriage, accepting children as a gift from God; avoiding abortion and even pro-life radio broadcasts over Radio Maria.

EACPF Bylaws limit the number of projects we can assist to ten. We are currently assisting ten charitable projects in East Africa. Therefore, we cannot assist additional projects or accept new applications for project funding at this time. (11-1-2018)

The specific projects we currently support are:

The Charitable and Pro-life Projects of EACPF

  1. Pro-life Ministry Masaka(Masaka, Uganda) helps to develop responsible, Godly and active, young pro-life leaders to protect the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death.
  2. Scholarship Fund for Philosophy Students of Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ – (Nairobi, Kenya) provides financial assistance for seminarians in the school of philosophy so that they can continue their studies for the priesthood.
  3. Holistic HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management(Fort Portal, Uganda) provides counseling for the prevention or transmission of malaria and HIV/AIDS, and humanitarian aid and scholastic assistance for poor children and orphans.
  4. Rwenzori Pro-life & Childcare Foundation (PROCAF) Uganda (Fort Portal, Uganda) promotes family and pro-life values through training programs and radio broadcasts, and provides material assistance for orphans and other poor children.
  5. Mazzoldi Community College (Mbarara, Uganda) provides vocational skills and life skills for underprivileged adults in order for them to earn a decent living through employment or self-employment.
  6. AfriCan Educate – (Bucandura, Uganda) provides tuition, basic necessities and education for orphans and poor children, and educates them concerning the dangers of being radicalized.
  7. Jean Bosco Orphanage and Pro-life Maternity Ward for Unwed Mothers – (Gitarama, Rwanda) provides necessities and educational opportunities for orphans, and a maternity ward for unwed mothers and those in crisis pregnancy.
  8. Kabarole Development Initiative Organization for the Youth (KADIOFY)- (Fort Portal, Uganda) provides pro-life counseling and HIV/AIDS testing for single and young mothers; and services for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and people with disabilities (PWD).
  9. Pro-life Values and Zero HIV/AIDS Through Chastity (Gulu, Uganda) empowers youth and communities to reject the anti-life, Culture of Death values and adhere to genuine Christian values for the benefit of strong marriages and families, and to defend human life.
  10. OCIBA Children’s Right to Education (OCRE) – (Kampala, Uganda) supports the education of needy children by enrolling them in an education program and assisting them with the necessary tuition payments and other educational needs.

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